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FavorPrep™ Blood / Cultured Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Midi Kit

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NameFavorPrep™ Blood / Cultured Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Midi Kit
Cat NO Cat NO: FABGK 002-S

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FABGK002-S(2 preps)
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Proteinase K powder
3.5 mg
11 mg x 4 tubes
FABG Buffer
4 ml
42 ml
Wash Buffer W1 (concentrate)
2.75 ml
44 ml
Wash Buffer W2 (concentrate)
2 ml
25 ml
Elution Buffer
2.2 ml
30 ml
FABG Midi Column
2 pcs
25 pcs
Elution Tube (15 ml tube)
2 pcs
25 pcs
User Manual

Principle: spin column (silica membrane)
Sample Size : up to 1.5 ml of fresh/ frozen blood; up to 6 x 10 of cultured cells
Column Capacity: 150 µg of DNA
Average DNA yield : 35 µg/ 1 ml whole blood
Handling Time: 1 hour
Elution Volume: 1 ml

Important Notes:
1. Buffers provided in this system contain irritants. Wear gloves and lab coat when handling these buffers.
2. Preheat a thermal incubator to 65 °C before the operation.
3. Use a centrifuge with a swinging bucket rotor and a force of 4,500 ~ 6,000 x g for in all centrifugation steps.
4. Add sterile ddH2O to proteniase K tube to make a 10 mg/ ml stock solution. Vortex and make sure that Proteinase K powder has been completely dissolved. Store the stock solution at 4 °C.
5. Add ethanol (96~100 %) to Wash W1 Buffer and Wash W2 Buffer before first use and store at room temperature.

Store at room temperature (15~ 25 ℃) for 2 year.
Except Proteinase K Powder, store at 4℃.

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